Quality Policy:


Meet the requirements of laws and regulations,and provide high-quality safe foods;reinforce food

safety control,and continuously improve the management system.
The general manager guarantees that the formulated quality policy fits with the following tenet:
a.Meet customer requirements,and realize the pursuit of Honghua Seafoods;reputation is an inexhaustible

capital,honesty is an unbeatable signage;
b.Continue the commitment of improving the effectiveness of food quality safety management system;
c.Provide the frame of formulating and reviewing quality objective;
d.Obtain communication and understanding in our company;
e.Get review in the aspect of sustained suitability.

Quality Safety Objective


Ex factory pass rate 100%
Customer satisfaction≥96%
Annual complaint rate of customers≤1%(including food safety and food quality)
Equipment availability>96%
Delivery timeliness rate 99%

HACCP system management


High-quality products are made according to scientific management and normalized

standards,and should accord with international standards seriously in production.In

an HACCP system management mode,our company intensifies the quality awareness

of the staff,sustainably perfects sanitary management system,and accords with high

standards and high requirements,to meet customer satisfaction and win the recognition

of the international market.